Stepper Machine-4

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Stepper Machine-4
Stepper Machine-4
Money required 75,000 Gold Icon Outline.png
Credits required - Credit Icon Outline.png
Maximum prestige 220 Prestige Icon Outline.png
Maximum prestige 50/hr Prestige Icon Outline.png
Training Bonus 25% Prestige Icon Outline.png

Description[edit | edit source]

This unique stepper machine's ergonomics allows for the smallest of muscles to get optimal stimulation, resulting in an incredible steadiness which normally only a judo master could achieve.

Section 2[edit | edit source]

Trainings Allowed

    Core training

  • No.svg Strength
  • Yes.png Conditioning
  • No.svg Agility

    Core disciplines

  • No.svg Boxing
  • No.svg Muay Thai
  • No.svg Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • No.svg Wrestling

    Strike training

  • No.svg Punches
  • No.svg Elbows
  • No.svg Knees
  • No.svg Kicks & Knees
  • No.svg High Kicks
  • No.svg Low Kicks

    Ground & Wrestling trainings

  • No.svg Clinchwork
  • No.svg Takedowns
  • No.svg Submission
  • No.svg Ground Grappling

    Defense training

  • No.svg Strike Defense
  • No.svg Kick Defense
  • No.svg Knee Defense
  • No.svg Takedown Defense
  • No.svg Submission Defense