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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for MMA Manager. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Getting started[]

Upon starting the game, you'll be taken through a quick tutorial, starting with a quick fight where the fighter you control loses. Follow the instructions to adjust strategy for the next fight.

After that fight is concluded, the tutorial will show you a gym and direct you through some of the basics.

At this point, you'll move to your own gym. Choose a manager and gym name.

Your first quest will be to recruit two fighters. Go to Roster, select Recruit, and choose between the available fighters. Once selecting the first one, you'll have 25 points to assign to various skills. Repeat the process to recruit a second fighter. It is probably a good idea to choose a different set of skills for the second fighter.

The next quest will be to win a campaign fight. Select Fight, Campaign, and then the first opponent. Select "Ready" and swipe left to adjust your fighter's strategy. Note that you can swipe up and down for more options. Select Fight when ready, which should lead to a pretty easy match.

The following quest will be to hire a coach. Select Shop, Staff, and Gym trainers. Select the first trainer on the list and tap Hire and confirm.

It's now time to start buying equipment. Return to the Shop and select Equipment, Strength, and Bench Press. The following quest is to place the Bench Press in the gym, so select Design. Drag the bench press out to the gym and move it to the desired position. Use the arrow buttons to the left to rotate it if you want. Tap Apply once you have it positioned where you want it.

The next quest is to train fighters. Select the Bench Press, and then Train at the bottom. Choose one of the fighters and then tap the plus at the top. Select Strength Workout and then the trainer button at the top. Select your trainer and then tap Train. You'll now have to wait a minute for the training to complete.

At this point, you'll get multiple quests and most menus should now be available, allowing you to start making your own choices.

Basic gameplay[]

Training Setup[]

In order to train you must combine:

Fighter, Training, Trainer and a piece of equipment.

Make sure Equipment and Trainer supports the training you want to train, also the Trainer must have a higher skill than your Fighter in order to gain skillpoints.

For additional information, click the selected help button below.

Step 1[]

Before you can train make sure you have the right Trainer and Equipment.

Once you have that, choose an item in the Gym, then click Train.

Step 2[]

Now choose an available Fighter you want to train in the train Menu.

Step 3[]

Pick a Training type.

Available combinations will appear first in the list to the left,

Unsupported Training will be blacked-out.

If the item does not support the training type,

change Equipment to train with. The Equipment must be placed in the Gym to appear.

If you have no Equipment supporting the Training you prefer,

you must purchase Equipment supporting the training type.

Step 4[]

Choose a Gym Trainer and Fight Coach.

The Trainer must be available,

support the training type and have relevant skillpoint that surpasses your fighter skills

in order to train. If you are missing a Trainer or a Coach, you can buy one in the Shop. This game is really fun

Step 5[]

Once you have combined your Fighter with a training supported by your staff and Equipment,

you can start your training by clicking "Train".

The training will end after the given duration and then your fighter will receive its skillpoints.

You can instantly complete a training spending resources and clicking the item used by a fighter.


Members pay to come to your gym to train and hang out with the fighters.

You do not find basic members in your Roster.

Members seek to find the most prestigious gyms.

Therefore Members are attracted to Prestige.

The more Prestige  the more they like your gym, and if they like your gym,you gain more members.

Every gym facility has a max member count. The more members the more money you get, collect the stash with cash whenever its full or you will miss out on potential income from the members.

Tips and tricks[]

  • The cap for skillpoints is 2500 per skill.
  • Fighters have a combined total skillcap at 14000.
  • This makes you unable to reach 2500 points in all skills.