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Equipment in MMA Manager consists of items that a manager can place in his or her gym, with items generating prestige and most being used in training of fighters.


Equipment is found in the Shop. They usually cost cash to buy, and selling will give back only a small portion of its original value. To be of any use, the Equipment must be placed in your Gym. A faulty placement will give an indication. This can also cause other items in your Gym to be unavailable for training and access.

Time Reduction[]

The Training speed bonus makes your training's complete faster.


The Prestige gain shows how much Prestige your Items generate per hour. You can collect the Prestige at any time. Items cannot hold more than their Max Prestige, halting any additional storing of Prestige. Keep collecting so you don't lose any Prestige due to the items' cap. Reputation increases over time as you keep increasing it with Prestige. Items that aren't accessible or not placed in the  Gym do not generate Prestige.

Training's Allowed[]

Items have certain training's they allow in MMA Manager. When acquiring a Trainer and  Items , make sure they share training types.

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1.pngPrestige generated per hour

2.pngReduced time when training

3.pngTraining this item works with

Equipment types[]

Bag Equipment

A type of equipment mostly used for training striking-type skills like punches and kicks as opposed to grappling abilities. Some are useful for training agility and conditioning as well.

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