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The bank in MMA Manager, accessible through the Shop menu, is used to purchase credits and cash.

Credits[edit | edit source]

The purchase of credits is not available in the beta test, but five packages are currently shown:

  • Fistful of credits: Gives you 500 credits.
  • Pile of credits: Gives you 1,200 credits.
  • Box of credits: Gives you 2,500 credits.
  • Truck wheel of credits: Gives you 6,500 credits.
  • Credit mountain: Gives you 14,000 credits.

Cash[edit | edit source]

Credits can be used to purchase cash through one of the following packages:

  • A couple of bucks: Gives you 20,000 cash for 60 credits.
  • Thick bankroll: Gives you 200,000 cash for 500 credits.
  • Small safe: Gives you 550,000 cash for 1,300 credits.
  • Big safe: Gives you 2,200,000 cash for 4,500 credits.
  • Cash mountain: Gives you 8,000,000 cash for 14,000 credits.