MMA Manager Wiki

The bank in MMA Manager, accessible through the Shop menu, is used to purchase credits and cash.


The purchase of credits is not available in the beta test, but five packages are currently shown:

  • Fistful of credits: Gives you 500 credits.
  • Pile of credits: Gives you 1,200 credits.
  • Box of credits: Gives you 2,500 credits.
  • Truck wheel of credits: Gives you 6,500 credits.
  • Credit mountain: Gives you 14,000 credits.


Credits can be used to purchase cash through one of the following packages:

  • A couple of bucks: Gives you 20,000 cash for 60 credits.
  • Thick bankroll: Gives you 200,000 cash for 500 credits.
  • Small safe: Gives you 550,000 cash for 1,300 credits.
  • Big safe: Gives you 2,200,000 cash for 4,500 credits.
  • Cash mountain: Gives you 8,000,000 cash for 14,000 credits.